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Fall Camporee - Wild West - STEMWorks Area (Milford) GLFSC

Fall Camporee - Wild West - STEMWorks Area (Milford) GLFSC
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at the Wild West Camporee

Kensington Metropark

October 13-15, 2017

Iffin’ you city slickers be lookin’ fer a Rip Roarin’, Knee Slappin’, Horse Snortin’, Cow Pokin’, Good Time then y’all better head on over to the Wild West Camporee right yonder at Kensington Metro Park in Milford Michigan! It’s put on by four of them pesky districts;  Renaissance, Mahican, Ottawa and Sunset.  And y’all know what that  means?!  Its gonna be one heck of a good time! YEEE HAAAWWWW!!

Why just check out some of these events that’s gonna be happenin’:

Chili Cook off
Troop Gateway Competition
Sarsaparilla Bar
Panning for Gold
Tomahawk Throwing
Enough mustaches to choke a horse!
And a whole lotta everything else that happens when you’re in the Willd  West!    ­­­­

And oh yea, almost forgot!  -  There’s gonna be a whole lot of caterwaulin’ at the Saturday Evening Fire Bowl!             


So giddy up!  You just gotta come to this here thing!  It don’t cost but $20 per Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer or even one a dem growed up Scouters… and you gotta bring your own grub, and thats a purdy square deal for this much fun! And you Weblos out there - you may camp overnight with Boy Scout Troop iffin’ you get advanced okey-dokey with a  troop. And you Cub Scouts….. well, you are invited for Saturday daytime and evening program!  Don’t forget to bring some parents - ya just can’t stay overnight.

All you buckeroos oughta set your sights on having a great time at the great Wild West Camporee! If you got one of them fancy newfangled  computers things, you can register online here:


And iffin’ you need more information, well….. you can call Mark Bentley @ 248-207-4871 or email him at mwbentley@yahoo.com


Mark Bentley
Fall Camporee Chair - West
Dauch Scout Center
1776 W Warren Ave 
Detroit, Michigan 48208 
Phone: 313-897-1965 

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Jeffrey Smith

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